Airport Hangar

Uses and Benefits of Prefab Steel Aircraft Hangars

A prefabricated aircraft or airplane hangar is used to shelter an aircraft from various elements. These metal hangars are indispensable to the aircraft and aviation industry. It goes without saying that an airplane is a sizable investment and hence you want the sturdiest shelter possible for your most precious asset. Let’s take a few steps back and glance through the history of hangars. 

The very first hangar ever built was built with wood by Wright Brothers in the year 1902 in North Carolina. Unfortunately, after finishing the construction of their Wright Flyer in Ohio, they returned to find their hangar badly destroyed by storms. This explains why the need for metal hangers arose. The first ever metal airport hangar was built with steel in 1921 named Hangar No. 1. This massive aircraft hangar exists even 100 years later and is a registered national monument. 

Benefits of Steel Airport Hangars

  • Durable and tough

Truth be told, airport hangars have quite a few specific requirements to be met. You can easily get customized dimensions with steel and that’s why aircraft hangars made of steel are highly preferred. They are durable and quite tough. You can build aircraft structures to accommodate those massive flying marvels. 

  • Safe and secure 

If you are looking for airplane hangars that are sturdy, then you must consider prefabricated steel airplane hangars. They are specifically designed in such a way that optimum safety is provided to your expensive asset. All machinery and tools are kept in hangars because they are quite costly. These hangars are designed for ease of locking and opening whenever needed. Toughened doors with extra specially designed locks and sturdy roofs & walls made of robust stainless steel are the hallmarks of Akurai PEB’s aircraft hangars. 

  • They are spacious

Apart from its strength and durability, space is another added advantage of airplane hangars. Reputed prefabricated structure manufacturers in India can cater to your needs of constructing airplane hangars of almost any size and dimension. Whether you need to safely house a two-seater or multiple private jets, you can count on these hangars for their spaciousness. It is quite easy to maneuver huge aircrafts in and out of these hangars. 

  • Low maintenance  

One of the biggest benefits of choosing steel airplane hangars is that they are pretty low maintenance. They can easily bear knocks and bumps apart from scratches. You do not need high degrees of maintenance for these structures and just routine maintenance does the trick. They can withstand environmental pressures such as rain, wind and sunlight. That’s why they prove to be quite cost-effective. The reason why steel is used for making these hangars is that it doesn’t warp quite easily as compared to other materials. 

Akurai PEB is a reputed prefabricated structure supplier in India offering world-class airport hangars to its clients. If you need more information about Akurai PEB’s airplane hangars, feel free to write in to us.