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Why are we the most suitable at providing one of the most outstanding civil engineering services in Mehsana?

Recognized widely as the most trusted and reliable building contractor in Mehsana, Akurai is one of the top 10 companies specializing in delivering innovative construction projects and diverse service solutions to customers with 18 years of experience.

What are some of the values and disciplines that have made us one of the top civil contractors in Mehsana?

  • A team of hardworking individuals:Akurai is a gathering of brilliant minds with experience and expertise specializing in project consultants with the required technical in-depth knowledge in all forms of industrial construction and industrial turnkey projects.
  • Premium quality and durable materials and services:Akurai strongly believes in quality and instills it in every aspect, be it their products or services. Our company strictly ensures the use of only the highest quality materials and premium services to complement them. Our structures, therefore, can withstand even the harshest climates.
  • Exercise of innovative safety solutions: At Akurai, we deliver modern safety solutions that adhere to all safety protocols of the concerned authorities. Our multiple safety inspections make our structures the most durable and safe in Gujarat.
  • Reasonable pricing solutions: We are committed to providing customers with value for their money with our budget-friendly and affordable pricing solutions alongside our competitive pricing.
  • Timely possession of project. And best option for industrial civil services in Mehsana.

What are some of the many products and services we offer as one of the leading industrial civil contractors in Mehsana?


  • All in one turnkey solution for industrial and commercial projects.
  • Landscaping and architecture project management
  • Waterproofing work.
  • Furniture work.
  • Painting contractors.
  • Industrial roofing work.
  • Paver blockwork.
  • Dome work.
  • Flooring work (China mosaic, Trimix flooring work, PVC flooring work, Epoxy flooring work, etc.)
  • RCC work(RCC road work.)


  • Commercial infrastructure complexes.
  • Hotel and resorts.
  • Mall.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Warehouses.
  • Industrial steel buildings.
  • Industrial shed.
  • Educational building.
  • Residential project.
  • Corporate project.
  • Marriage halls.
  • Retail centres.
  • Auditorium.

Why is Mehsana unique, and what are the advantages it offers?

Home to numerous large and small size industries, Mehsana is a city of opportunities and convenience to industrialists from around the globe looking to set up an establishment. The city is widely known for the benefits and advantages it offers, some of these plus points are:

  • Ease in the transportation of goods with access to nearby airports, railways, seaports and highways.
  • Availability of well-developed hospitals, fire stations and hotels.
  • 24-hours availability to resources like:
    • Gas.
    • Water.
    • Electricity.
  • Exposure to diverse industries.

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