C&Z Sigma Purlin

All You Need to Know Before Buying Purlin

A purlin can be referred to as a horizontal bar or beam which is used for strong structural support in buildings, mostly in roofs. They are supported either by walls of a particular building or rafters. As a leading prefabricated structure supplier in India, we can guide you about the various types of purlins. There are a number of purlins available in the market. Depending upon which material they are made of, they are divided into various categories. Since, purlins are of various types, they are used for different purposes including floor or wall support. In a nutshell, purlin is one of the most important elements of construction. 

Let’s take a look at some different purlin types and other good to know information. 

  • Wood purlin

This purlin type is considered ideal with fibre cement sheeting. This combination works wonders because it makes the room breathable; however, there are certain downsides as well. It succumbs to moisture quite easily and makes the purlin to sag with weight. Besides, it can easily rot which is another disadvantage of choosing wood purlin. 

  • Steel purlin

Steel purlins are the most popular because of a number of advantages they offer. They are not only light in weight, but accurate, stable and dimensionally stable as opposed to other materials. These purlins are made of hot dip galvanized steel with a coating apart from other lightweight steel structure products. What are the benefits of steel purlins? Well, as we said there are plenty! These purlins expand and contract quite reasonably with temperature change. C&Z Sigma purlins are quite popular in the international market and prefabricated structure manufacturers in India such as Akurai PEB supply these to their world-wide clientele. 

  • Purlin and Girt form secondary framing

Secondary framing is extremely important to any construction. Girts provide extra support needed for walls. They work in combination with columns and wall panels to provide support to vertical load. This helps enhance both the structural strength and stability. Secondary framing also plays a crucial role in providing exceptional longitudinal support to combat strong winds and even earthquakes.  

  • Purlin span 

The span can be understood as the distance between centers of the cleat bolts at either side of the purlin. There are different types of purlin spans including single span, double span and continuous span. 

  • Purlin storage and installation 

Purlins must be handled and stored according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Roof purlins are supposed to be kept dry during storage otherwise they may succumb to premature corrosion. If they at all get wet due to unavoidable reasons, you must separate them from the entire lot and allow sufficient ventilation to dry the surface as soon as possible. You must know that installation also requires you to adhere to all necessary safety instructions. Even all rigging, scaffolding and safety equipment must be in total compliance to the international standards. 

If you need more information related to C&Z Sigma purlins, feel free to get in touch with us.