FRP Roof Sheet

FRP Roof Sheets: Advantages Galore at a Glance

FRP stands for ‘Fibre Reinforced Plastic’. FRP roof sheets bring enormous benefits to a number of industries such as aviation, architecture, automotive, marine and defense to name a few. They are suited for a number of applications and offer benefits galore. Here are some of the many benefits of FRP roof sheets and composites.  

  • Superb strength and light-weighted

FRP roof sheers are known for their immense strength. If you compare conventional building materials with FRP, you will find that they are nowhere close to FRP in terms of robustness. For the very reason they are highly and very commonly used for commercial purposes. Owing to FRP’s toughness you can use thin sections and easily achieve stiffness without having to increase the weight. 

  • Corrosion resistance 

FRP materials do not succumb to corrosion and rust like it is the case with many other materials. FRP roof sheets have a long life even in the most corrosive areas. They perform quite well even in the dampest of areas and to your surprise even when submerged in fresh or salty waters. Due to these properties they are extremely low maintenance and you can save a considerable amount of money. Prefabricated FRP roofing sheets are an obvious choice for contemporary construction needs. 

  • Transparent to radar and radio frequencies

One of the major benefits of FRP composites is their transparency to radar and radio frequencies. Owing to these properties FRP sheets can be used for decorative canopies as well as to hide communication equipment. 

  • Fire characteristics

FRP roofing sheets comply with all the international coding standards mandated in terms of fire safety. Whether it is interior finish, external assemblies or light-transmitting materials, they can be counted for them all. 

  • Non-conductive properties

5th one of the list is their non-conductive properties. They are commonly used for utility poles or stand-off insulators apart from applications where electrical conductivity is not considered to be advantageous.

  • Versatile appearance and shapes 

Versatility is one big advantage of FRP. You can achieve almost any shape, design or shape with this material. Besides, a number of combinations with pigments, metallic powders and aggregates can be tried in order to decrease or completely eliminate the need of painting the FRP product. 

  • Flexibility in designing

In stark contrast to homogenous materials, the design of FRP can be easily molded according to your needs. Whether you are looking for a curve, ribbed, or corrugated design, you can achieve it quite easily with FRP. 

  • Advantage of reproducibility 

FRP materials are considered a reliable source for producing replications of a huge number of historical buildings and some parts of historic preservations. You can easily take moulds from existing shapes and achieve almost the impossible. Thanks to FRP composites. 

Prefabricated structure manufacturers in India say that these are just some of the many benefits of FRP roof sheets. The list is actually pretty long. For more information related to Akurai PEB products, feel free to write to us.