Industrial Construction Company in Mehsana

Watch Your Successful Future Unfold With Akurai: The Top Construction Company in Mehsana

A reputed market leader in industrial infrastructure development, Akurai aims in building a triumphant future. We at Akurai put our focused efforts to give you the finest services without any compromise which makes us one of the BEST CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES IN MEHSANA.


  • Premium provider of diverse services– Akurai operates on a portfolio of diverse services throughout various disciplines. Along with our top-class WAREHOUSE CONSTRUCTION SERVICE IN MEHSANA, we have our wings widespread in providing the finest assistance in areas of industrial as well as COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS IN MEHSANA.
  • Easy on your pockets– Suitable to your budget, our services come in nominal packages. Akurai is your one-stop-shop. Availability of all services under one umbrella cuts down the cost of procurement and outsourcing hence reducing your overall expenditure. Our affordable and irresistible pricing makes us a desirable FACTORY CONSTRUCTION SERVICE IN MEHSANA.
  • The customer comes first – We give all of our customers a first-class and hassle-free experience. Our team of experts work with dedication to living up to the customer’s expectations. We are determined to maintain strong and healthy relationships with our clients. We provide devoted support and guidance throughout the process of construction to prove our credibility as premium INDUSTRIAL SHED CONSTRUCTION DEVELOPERS IN MEHSANA.

How did Akurai become one of the best BUILDING CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES IN MEHSANA?

Known for its efficiency and reliability, Akurai is the best INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION SERVICE IN MEHSANA. In current times, infrastructure is not an easy job, however, as a leading name in the construction business we value providing world-class solutions for our customers. Our mission is to build a bright future for our clients.

What makes Mehsana, a prime location for investments and what opportunities does it have to offer?

One of the fastest developing localities in Ahmedabad, Mehsana is a prime spot for industrial investments as it offers:

  • A prime location for industrial, commercial and residential establishments.
  • Quick attainability to amenities such as hospitals, police stations, fire stations, markets, hotels, etc.
  • Excellent connectivity via roads and highways to major cities.
  • Safe locality with 24/7 security available.
  • In proximity to airports, railway stations and bus stations.
  • Accommodation for staff and employees.
  • Easy GPCB approvals.
  • Maintenance and parking facilities are available.
  • Basic requirements such as gas, water and electricity etc. are available with ease.

Select from our impressive catalogue of products and services:

Akurai, being a ruling FACTORY, HEAVY SHED, GODOWN STORAGE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY IN MEHSANA, provides exclusive products and services to its customers, like :

  • Civil, Industrial and Commercial Contracting
  • Industrial Roofing Solutions
  • Painting and Flooring Work
  • All-round turnkey solutions 
  • Exceptional Interior Designing
  • Industrial Layout Customization
  • Landscaping and Project Management Services
  • World-class Engineering Consultations
  • Sustainable Infrastructure 
  • Professional and Technical Construction Services
  • Pipework and Plumbing Solutions
  • Precise Architectural Solutions 

We also have expertise in constructing various types of projects like:

  • Bulk Storage of goods
  • Effective Raw materials storage
  • Import and Export Commercial Organization
  • Clothing and Merchandising Industries
  • Industrial Warehouse
  • Factories, Storage units and Warehouse 
  • Mega scale Projects
  • Pharmaceutical Sectors
  • Cold Storage
  • Industrial Sheds
  • Food Processing Industries

Akurai brings you the best infrastructural solutions, all in one place. Our top deals are waiting for you. Get in touch with us to know more!