Multi – Storey Building

Benefits of Prefabricated Multi-storey Buildings

Prefabricated multi-storey buildings are actually pre-engineered structural frames which are very commonly used for residential as well as commercial purposes. There are a number of prefabricated structure manufacturers in India providing multi-storey buildings. Akurai PEB is a notable prefabricated multi-storey building manufacturer offering commercial multi-story building construction services to its clients across the globe. 

Here are some of the major benefits of these buildings at a glance:

  • Cost-effective

Pre-engineered multi-storey buildings are quite cost-effective. There is a huge cost reduction right from the initial foundation phase. You can cut down on a number of infrastructural expenses by going for these buildings. 

  • Fast construction and installation process

Prefabricated multi-storey buildings are known for rapid construction and installation process. They are pretty easy to install and do not take much time. One of the major reasons why the construction process is quicker as compared to conventional buildings is that the entire construction is off-site. 

  • Durable and quake resistant

Pre-engineered building structures are highly durable because they are weather resistant. They make for a great choice even in areas that are prone to earthquakes. They do not succumb to wear and tear easily due to which they can be put to work for many years to come. 

  • Lesser dead loads

We all know that conventional building structures have a higher dead load. This is not the case with pre-engineered multi-storey buildings. They are way better than traditional concrete buildings in terms of dead loads. 

  • Eco-friendly

There is virtually no waste in prefabricated building production. Any excess material or residue can be easily recycled and used again which helps reduce ecological footprint on our environment. There is no pollution due to which companies across the globe prefer prefabricated multi-storey building construction over traditional structures. 

  • Flexibility in design 

You couldn’t be more wrong, if you think these buildings are just feature rich and are not as appealing as traditional structures. Truth to be told, these multi-storey buildings offer ample flexibility in design and aesthetics. Since, they have smaller and lesser number of columns; you can achieve a lighter foundation and large spaces. 

  • Plenty of applications

Multi-storey buildings can be used in multi-level car parks, airport hangars, metro stations, railway stations and high rise commercial buildings. 

Hope you found the post useful. If you need more information about multi-storey building construction or services, feel free to get in touch with Akurai PEB. We are a renowned PEB structure manufacturer in India offering cutting-edge PEB structure solutions.