PEB Company in Mysore

Akurai is a preeminent name in Mysore’s prefabricated building construction market. Today we are considered one of the best pre-engineered building manufacturers in India. Our glorious journey began way back in the year 2003. We started small only to snowball into becoming one of the giants of the pre-engineered steel building construction industry. Akurai is your go to PEB supplier in Mysore for comprehensive PEB structure manufacturing needs- from ideation to implementation. 

Leading PEB Manufacturer in Mysore 

It takes time to establish yourself in a particular domain and we are humbly proud of our achievements in the industry. We have cemented our spot as one of the best PEB companies in India because of our client’s trust in our capability and capacity. Our designers have an innovative bent of mind and with an ‘out-of-the box’ thinking ability, they are able to produce practical results that add value to your business at the end of the day. We are ranked as No. 1 pre-engineered building structure manufacturer in India, because we have constantly proved ourselves. We have raised the bar of excellence in the industry and hence are looked up to by even our competitors. 

Why Invest Your Trust in Akurai?

As one of the top pre-engineered building manufacturers in Mysore, we value your trust. Make the most of Akurai advantage for 100 percent return on investment. Have quality products custom made of world class raw materials which are tested at every stage of the project. They are tested before they are bought, while the production is on and before the end-product leaves the manufacturing facility. Our streamlined process says it all! 

It is time to experience the best PEB manufacturer in India. Looking for an obligation free quote? Get in touch with our sales team!