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Prefabricated structures are a great alternative to the construction of industrial infrastructure. Various forms of these structures can be utilized for offices, industrial uses, and other workplaces. Akurai PEB offers the best prefab solutions in Tripura to suit all your industrial infrastructure needs. Our primary focus is to deliver every requirement of the client. Therefore, we customize each order and ensure timely delivery and assembly of the prefab structure. Our structures have the same durability as conventional construction while taking significantly less time to get constructed. Here are some features of our structures:

Features of PEB Structures

  • Insulation

All the products in our industrial shed lineup come with both thermal and acoustic insulation. This helps maintain a temperature difference of up to 10 degrees Celsius when compared with the outside atmosphere. 

  • Cladding

If you prefer a cemented finish on your infrastructure, we offer cladding to provide the aesthetics you desire. The finishes include everything from ACP to cement fiber.

  • Customizable

Everything from the shape to the size of our PEB structures is customizable. This ensures that you can order a pre-engineered building structure as per your requirements.

  • Disaster-Resistant

Our modular structures are all disaster-resistant and can survive most earthquakes. They are built with galvanized steel, which allows them to be placed in humid environments without the risk of corrosion.

  • No Maintenance

Our industrial metal buildings come without any maintenance requirements. The structures are made from sturdy materials and can endure harsh conditions with ease.

  • Movement

It is easy to dismantle the prefabricated structure buildings and transport them to a different location. We offer post-installation support to assist you in this.

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Akurai PEB is one of the top 10 PEB companies in Tripura. We have a team of experienced engineers and designers to help us deliver the best industrial structural fabrication services. If you wish to connect with us, please drop an email or make a phone call.