Sandwich Panels

5 Major Reasons to Choose Sandwich Panels

Pre-engineered building construction has certainly transformed the global infrastructural approach in recent years. Sandwich panels are indispensable to the global construction industry owing to a number of benefits they offer. In this post, we will throw light on some of the biggest benefits of sandwich panels and why you must consider them. 

  • Less complicated and quicker construction process

Sandwich panels expedite the entire construction process by a significant margin. They also have a reputation of making the whole construction process less complicated. Since, these are finished components, they make for an opt choice for a hassle-free installation. It goes without saying that time is money and the contemporary construction market doesn’t intend to spend much time in prolonged construction and installation processes. 

  • They are cheaper

Sandwich panels are considered way cheaper than the other options. Since they are quick to install, it has a direct impact on cost-optimization. This is simply because the less time you have to spend on the construction and installation bits, the lesser you will have to spend on service costs. With these panels in place, you can expect a faster completion process and occupancy which again results in 100 percent return on investment. 

  • Availability of variants

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to Sandwich panels. Akurai PEB offers variants galore available to choose from and hence you can choose the ones that perfectly suit your needs. For instance Sandwich panels with polyurethane core are the most preferred and commonly used panels. Imagine, lambda of 0.022 W/mk. PUF panels demonstrate better thermal insulation properties due to which they are preferred by those looking to reduce their heating costs.  Besides, these panels also save you plenty of space inside the building. 

Rockwool panels on the other hand eliminate any risks of mould or bacterial growth inside your property. They can be used as bonded panels or roofing boards as well. By now, you would have understood why Sandwich panels are so popular. But is that it? There are plenty of other options such as EPS panels as well as C & Z Sigma Purlin. 

  • Aesthetics

The modern construction industry doesn’t settle for just functionality. There has been an increased emphasis on aesthetics as well, which is a prime reason, Sandwich panels are preferred. Whether it is a car showroom, warehouse, or manufacturing plant, you can use these panels to entice your customers and enhance the level of trust for your brand. The best part is that a vast range of selected designs can be connected very easily. 

  • Easy to clean

Since, these panels contain non-porous properties, they are easy to clean. You can use standard pressure washers for the purpose. The panel coating materials do not succumb to the impact of the water jet. If you just stick to basic cleaning from time to time, you can keep them looking brand new for many years to come. 

Akurai PEB is a renowned PEB manufacturer in India manufacturing quality sandwich panels customized for your needs.